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Useful Information

The exam

Your eye examination will be carried out by an Optometrist and will normally take about 30 minutes. They will not only establish whether Spectacles or Contact Lenses are required, but will also assess the health of your eyes. Everybody is different so you will receive a selection of tests depending on your individual requirements. These may include some or all of the following;

History and Symptoms - we will ask several questions about your eyesight and general health.

Spectacle assessment - it is important to bring your spectacles with you so that we can see how well you are seeing with them.

Retinoscopy - an objective assessment of your prescription using a hand held instrument to shine a beam of light across your eyes. This is particularly useful for patients who cannot communicate or small children.

Refraction - using a trial frame, different lens combinations are used to give you the best vision.

Ophthalmoscopy - this is an extremely important test because it is used to assess the health of the eyes. A hand held instrument is used to shine a light through the pupil into the eye.

Tonometry - this test measures the pressure inside the eyes. It usually involves using a machine which puffs a little puff of air into your eye. High intra-ocular pressure can be associated with Glaucoma.

Visual Field Test - this uses a machine to assess your central and peripheral field of vision. It can help detect some neurological problems and Glaucoma.

Many people are entitled to a free NHS sight test. Click to view.

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